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ABout the owner, Natalie wong



Hi there, I'm Natalie Wong, the baker behind these French confections. I am 25, and work full time at a commercial real estate firm while running my business. I unfortunately do not have a shop, but I do sell them at the Chocolate Dragon in Oakland. I try to come up with creative and delicious flavors that are usually not seen in traditional macaron shops. I like to play things up and use my artistic background as a main influence in my baking. I always try to make my confections look presentable and beautiful. 

I always start with fresh ingredients, no added artificial flavors. Every macaron begins with a humble blanched almond, I grind them myself. Each flavor is carefully thought out, and I even use freeze-dried fruits in my macaron shells. I hope you find my macarons to be delicious and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I have taken macaron classes in Paris and San Francisco, and use the skills I learned in my baking.

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(510) 386-9476 (text/call)




Dimond District, Oakland

@ The Chocolate Dragon
5427 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94612

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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is a macaron?

A: Two almond meringue cookies sandwiched together with a buttercream or ganache.

Q: How can I order from you?

A: Check out my Order page and fill out a form and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Also I sell my macarons at the Chocolate Dragon in Oakland.

Q: How do I store my macarons?

A: Store in the fridge for 2-3 days at most, consume at room temperature. Can be stored in the freezer for 2 weeks and defrosted at room temperature for an hour.

Q: Can I place an order with you tonight and get them by tomorrow?

A: Most likely the answer would be no, as I am also a full-time real estate employee. But if I have extras or some available at the shop, I will let you know.

Q: Can you ship your macarons?

A: I could, but I prefer not to as the taste is definitely not as good as when they are fresh.

Q: Do I get a discount for ordering large quantities?

A: This depends on how packed my schedule is and how many you are purchasing. I consider 8+ dozen a large order.

Q: How many flavors can I get in a dozen?

A: If you pay $30 for one dozen, you can get 2 flavors. If you pay $24, you can get one flavor. For orders from 3-7 dozen, you can get one flavor a dozen. 8+ dozen please choose 4-6 flavors.

Q: Why can't you give me 12 flavors in a dozen, etc?

A: The macaron process is quite difficult. You must make 1 dozen for each flavor, you can't split it or else the proportions are quite off.

Q: My wedding is coming up, can you quote me?

A: Yes, please check out my Weddings page for more information.

Q: Can I order character macarons from you? How much are they?

A: They are $30-35 a dozen depending on difficulty of the character. It takes extra labor and time to make them, as why they are that price.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes for large orders over 8 dozen I require a deposit unless you have confirmed with me that you are paying cash in person.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes, it depends on my schedule and availability. I charge an additional fee depending on the city.

Q: Are your macarons gluten-free?

A: Yes, most are except for ones with graham crackers/oreos.

Don't see your question? Feel free to text or email me 510-384-9476 or nataliemacarons@gmail.com.


Wedding Inquiry Information

Is your big wedding day coming up and you are thinking of purchasing a large quantity? Read on to get more information about pricing and details.

Macaron stand that holds up to 236 macarons.

Macaron stand that holds up to 236 macarons.

Macaron stands

Pricing for macarons is $24 a dozen, Discounts are negotiable.

I have a 6-tier and 10-tier stand available for rental fee of $25. I require this fee in order to get my stands back after your event.

If you need me to set up as well, I charge an extra fee of $15.



Individual boxes/bags are available to purchase, however there is an extra charge of:

  • 50 clear plastic boxes - $15 for materials, $45 for packing
  • 100 clear plastic bags with twist tie - $15 for materials, $85 for packing


However, I highly suggest that the customer packs the macarons, because I have a busy schedule and it is very tedious to individually bake and pack macarons all by myself.



Pickup in Oakland or Walnut Creek is free.

  • Delivery to Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro - $15
  • Delivery to Hayward, Castro Valley, Lafayette, Orinda, Walnut Creek - $20
  • Delivery to Union City, Concord, Dublin, Pleasanton - $30
  • Delivery to San Ramon, Fremont, San Francisco - $35
  • Delivery to San Jose, San Mateo, anywhere farther than 40 mi - $50

Pricing is based off travel time.

I require a half deposit for ALL WEDDING ORDERS and a confirmation CALL/EMAIL to ensure all colors, pricing, stands, packaging, flavors, and quantity is correct.